Stay Positive and Energetic during the Pandemic

Healing is a form of the ancient practice of sending cosmic energy to the receiver to improve the mind, the body, and the spirit. As we are all made of energy, invoking a distance healing session allows the practitioner to link up to the Recipient’s energy field (Aura). The aura of the participant is cleansed during the process of healing to Get Cured of unhealthy conditions in body and mind, and to give Holistic Rejuvenation.

Distance Healing is done using advanced Tibetan Buddhist energy healing methods by Dr. B.P. Pranav Ph.D, Consultant Alternative Therapies, Holistic Healer, Meditation, Yogic & Psychic Trainer and Cosmic Energy Specialist since 2004. He is the founder-healer of Pranav Swasta Stanam and is trained by his Spiritual Masters and is qualified in advanced spiritual and healing practices.

Free Sessions

Season 01

05th – 18th June 2021 (14 days)
323 Participants

Season 02

23rd June – 06th July 2021 (14 days)
415 Participants

Season 03

09th – 13th August 2021 (5 days)
367 participants

Season 04

06th – 10th September 2021 (5 days)
397 participants 
Season 05

04th – 08th October 2021 (5 days)
Season 06

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per day

23 min each 

6:30am to 6:53am (IST)

6:30pm to 6:53pm (IST)

Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use for distance healing?

We use advanced Buddhist energy healing methods for distance healing.

Who can participate?

Age group >=10 yr, and anyone who wants to get energized, become calm and positive, wants to come out of – fear, anxiety, and panic to feel the cosmic healing energy.

Are there any Charges?

The Distance Healing Sessions are “ABSOLUTELY FREE” for the wellbeing of everyone.

How do I participate?

By filling in the enclosed Google Form you get enrolled as a participant. Join our Telegram Channel to get updates before and after each session. You can also opt out anytime you feel.

What should I do during the session?

  • Sit in the meditative posture or you can sit in the chair before the session starts
  • Face both your palms upwards and close your eyes
  • Be in receiving method

How do I get connected with Healing Energy?

For Offline Users

  • Step 1: You get connected with energy by telling the phrase 3 times sub vocally:
    “Pranav I am {your name}, energise me”.
    Eg: If your name is Siva: “Pranav I am {Siva}. energise me”.
  • Step 2: The healer will connect you with his healing energy.
    You will receive healing energy only during the specified batch timing.

Try to watch your breath in every inhale and exhale. Or sit silently by closing your eyes.
Sit in a clean place with good air circulation, where you will not get disturbed for the entire session. You will receive the message in the GetCured Telegram Channel before and after the session.

For Online Users

Registered participants will receive YouTube Live link notifications through WhatsApp and the ‘GetCured’ Telegram Channel before and after the session.

What will I feel during the session?

You may feel a tingling sensation of the energy flow (cool or warm) in the palms, head and whole body. Some may not be sensitive to feel this in the first few sessions till the aura gets cleansed.

What will I realise after the session?

Your mind will be calm, body will be energetic, fear, anxiety & panic will be reduced. If you have any mild pain, you can feel the change. You will feel a big change in the body, mind and energy levels after the 7th session once your aura gets cleansed.

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