Human Beings are Complex Machines. Machines that work Non-Stop from the time of Production. Like every other Machine, as human beings we go through wear & tear everyday which leads to constant depreciation. Though not often in terms of Value but most commonly in terms of our Efficacy.

How & why do humans depreciate?

In all the years that have passed, of all the living beings that have ever graced this planet, of all our ancestors and fore-fathers put together, are we not the only generation to be enjoying utmost comforts in our lives? With such luxuries, advanced medical facilities and awareness, shouldn’t our happiness be skyrocketing with a reduced need for medical help? But unfortunately, it is the other way round. As New Age Humans, our everyday erosion starts psychologically and ends as irreversible Physical & Emotional,Mental conditions. To reverse this the mind, body & the soul needs to heal.

What is Healing & What are its Benefits?

True healing is the alignment of the mind, the body and the spirit which altogether form a system that restores the balance & flow of energy. When Energy flows seamlessly, the body realigns to its original optimal configuration. This in turn rejuvenates the body’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and maintains the overall wellness of the receiver.

It is indeed fairly common knowledge to know the differentiations of the mind, body and the soul. But as per Yogic Science, externally there are 5 layers around the body. The Physical Layer, The Pranic Layer, The Mind-Layer, The Intellectual Layer & The Bliss Layer. Except the Physical Layer, all the other 4 layers are invisible (Aura )and takes proper meditation and healing to experience the same.

Internally, there are 7 Major chakras, many Minor chakras, Micro Chakras &Nadi, which determine every aspect of our emotional, mental and psychological aspects which as a result reflect on the 5 Layers too.

Simply put, these Chakras work as an invisible wiring across our body from head to toe, connecting all our internal organs and pressure points. With our unmindful stress filled lifestyles, we unknowingly affect all these subtle physical layers and block the chakras and nadis from doing what they do best, which is allowing a free path for the energies to flow.

This in turn affects the subtle ‘Vibrations’ and ‘Frequencies’ that pass to all our internal organs. This blockage is the beginning of all Physical & Mental Diseases.

Healing Ailments that can be treated

Headache, migraine, Body Pain & Back Pain • Injured pain, Spine Pain, Joint Pain & Un-Diagnosed Pain • Nervous Disorder, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Chronic Illness • Lungs, Kidney, Liver, Heart & Stomach Related Issues • 1st stage Cancer, Chemotherapy undergoing patient & Dialysis patients • Pre & Post Surgery Rejuvenation & relief from various viral infections

Fear, Anxiety & Panic • Stress, Depression, Phobias & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • Personality Disorder, Traumatic Disorders, Mood Disorders & Psychotic Disorders • Sleeplessness & Schizophrenia

Autism, ADHD, GDD, Eating Disorders & Behavioral Disorders.

Lifestyle Disorder
Stress & Anxiety • Hangover Issues & Jetlag • Lack of energy & Frequent Tiredness • Lack of Focus & Decision Making • Food & Medicine Side Effect Issues • Auto Immune Disease • General Wellness • Aura & Chakra Cleansing to become highly energetic

 Women Health
Pre & Post Puberty-related Issues • Irregular Menstrual Cycle • Pre, during & Post Pregnancy-related Therapy • Low Back & Spinal pain for Cesarean Patients • Menopause-related Issues.

Men Health
Sexual Impotence • Prostate Gland Related Issues

Pulse & Aura Diagnosis.

Different Healing Methodologies

As per WHO, there are around 135 Alternative / Complementary Medicines or Therapies available across the world for better health. Not surprisingly, Healing comes under Alternative / Complementary Medicines. There are many popular types of Energy Healing Techniques like Tibetan Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Qigong Healing, Crystal Healing, Etc. All these healing systems can cure both Physical & Mental Ailments that have arisen out of Lesser Lifestyle Choices. Moreover, these healing techniques wonderfully complement modern medicine, immensely helping Pre & Post Surgery Patients, giving them great Physical and Mental relief.