How does PaniCARE work?

• Once we receive the Code and Details, we will start the “Distance Healing”
• It will work on the Pranic Layer and relieve the Panic symptoms within 15 minutes
• If possible, please send us your short feedback after 30 minutes

PaniCARE Request Form

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Alternatively you can send an SMS or WhatsApp message to +91 9600 666 661 with respective code and details.

For example:
• Suppose you are suffering from Shock due to Accident you have to type (Code: GC001).
• Your Name, Age, Sex, Country and E-mail id. [e.g., Ashok, 33, M, India,].
• Once we receive the message, we will start the healing to relieve the panickiness.
• Kindly use this service only when it is needed.